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Internal Audit, Enterprise Risk Management, and ERP Consultancy

Internal Audit Consulting

Enterprise Risk Management

ERP Consulting

Legislation Compliance Services

Financial Reporting and Accounting

Other Consulting Services

We Work in Alignment with Your Mission, Goals, and Strategies

Internal Audit Consulting

You can benefit from the advantages of internal auditing to recognize your corporate risks, increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your measures, document and update your procedures, increase your company’s competitiveness and reputation, prevent fraud and abuse risks, and control the size and complexity of your business.

Enterprise Risk Management

While trying to reach commercial targets in businesses, different risks are naturally encountered and these risks vary over time.

The enterprise risk management system is one of the most effective tools to manage the risks faced by the business.

We have Solutions for Your Corporate Problems

ERP Consulting

ERP consulting is a service that provides advice during the process of selecting, implementing, and using ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems for businesses. This service helps businesses find, set up, and use the ERP system that best fits their needs and goals.

Consultants analyze your processes and ensure integration with the ERP system. They also help businesses optimize and continuously improve their use of the ERP system.

Compliance Services

In many sectors, increasing regulations have been encountered in recent years. Understanding these regulations, setting compliance programs, ensuring compliance within the company in organizational, legal, and information technology dimensions, and supporting them with trainings and timely reporting to public units may require a system and accumulated knowledge. The compliance service we provide in terms of reducing the risk of facing various sanctions in case of non-compliance will support you in your in-house corporate compliance, following up the relevant trainings.

We are at your side with our expert team in the fields of internal audit, enterprise risk management, tax, law, and process improvement during the compliance process, which may affect reputation risk and good relations with public units.

When Working with Us, You Will Receive Special Boutique Service for Your Industry, Company and Team

Operational and Financial Reporting

The success and risks of companies can be measured by performance criteria and indicators. By ultimately measuring strategic and operational processes such as production, inventory management, human resources, sales, purchasing, information technology, and finance with operational and financial indicators, better internal decisions can be made and measures can be taken about possible risks.

These decisions and measures may concern strategic areas such as competitive advantage, profitability, growth, productivity, investment, human resources, and cash flow.

Other Consulting Services

Other services we offer to our customers in order to support organizational success and sustainability are as follows;

  • Dealer (Franchise) Audit Services
  • Human Resources Services
  • Strategic Management Services
  • Digital Transformation Services
  • Fixed Asset Services
  • Machinery & Equipment Inventory
  • Legal Risk Management
  • Institutionalization and Professional Management Services

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