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Alp Buluç


Alp Buluc, Partner at Teolupus Internal Audit and Risk Management Consultancy, graduated from Istanbul University Business Administration Faculty. After completing my M.Sc. In Economics at Bosphorus University, he is a Ph.D. dissertation phase at Yeditepe University Institute of Social Sciences Organizational Behavior Department.

He has 30 years of external audit, internal audit, and accounting and finance management experience. He has CPA, CIA (Certified Internal Auditor), CRMA (Certification in Risk Management Assurance), and CCSA (Certification in Control Self-Assessment) certificates.

Mr. Buluc is an instructor at TURMOB and ISMMMO on IFRS, external audit, and institutionalization and has lectured on internal audit at Maltepe University and Istanbul Aydin University.

He served on Ethics Board between 2012-2016 and on the Academic Relations Committee between 2008-2016 at TIDE (The Institute of Internal Auditing – Turkey). He was a member of the Professional Issues Committee of the IIA (The Institute of Internal Auditors) between July 2015 and July 2016, and its headquarters is in Florida/USA.

He was a member of the Guidance Development Committee of the IIA between 2016-2020. Currently, he is a Global Guidance Contributor at IIA. He is an ACCA instructor since November 2017.

Mr. Buluc is among the co-authors of the books “49 Human 49 Theory in Management Science” published in 2011, and “29 Human and 29 Concept in Marketing Science” published in 2013.

He is the Project Lead of the Practice Guide titled “Coordination and Reliance: Developing an Assurance Map,” published in February 2018 by the Institute of Internal Auditors.

He is among the Contributors of the Guidance Development Team of the Practice Guide titled “Developing a Risk-based Internal Audit Plan,” published in May 2020 by the Institute of Internal Auditors.

He is a court expert and sworn English interpreter.

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Mehmet Kamil Tarhan

Internal Audit and Risk Management Services Leader

Mehmet Kamil Tarhan, Audit Team Leader at Teolupus Internal Audit and Risk Management Consulting, graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Economics and Institute of Business Administration Economics. He worked at Akbank T.A.S. as an auditor between 1977 and 1987. He has worked in the establishment phase of the Fund Management Department. He has been appointed as the first Fund Management Department Manager.

After working in this department until 1995, he quit Akbank. While at Akbank, he founded the “Money Managers Association” with some colleagues. He has worked at the Banks Association of Turkey as a consultant, at Esbank as General Secretary, and at EGS Bank as General Secretary after ıt has been transferred to the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund.

After the Savings Deposit Insurance Fund has seized for the collection of public receivables of Toprak Group of companies, he worked there as a member of the “Audit Board” and “Board of Directors” between 2002 and 2007.

He has been a member of the “Audit Board” at Nergis Group of companies between 2008 and 2013. Additionally, he has worked as a corporate consultant and auditor in some commercial, tourism, and industrial companies. He is a member of TURMOB (Association of Turkey Chamber of Certified Public Accountants and Sworn Public Accountants) and is a CPA and independent auditor.

Additionally, he has the following licenses awarded by the Capital Market Board of Turkey: Capital Markets Activities Licence Level 3, Corporate Governance Rating Licence, Credit Rating Licence, and Derivative Instruments Licence.

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Y. Fikret Kalfaoğlu

Management Consulting Services Leader

Fikret Kalfaoglu graduated from Mimar Sinan University Architecture Faculty Industrial Products Design Department in 1986 and from Istanbul University Business Economics Institute Masters Program in 1991. After international marketing-oriented service at Northern Telecom for ten years, he has managed Deutsche Messe AG, which has realized five successful organizations starting with the know-how of the CeBIT IT Fair.

After the experience of being in the team of Northern Telecom Netas, winning the EFQM European Quality Prize and Kalder Quality Grand Prize, he joined the Total Quality Management National Quality Movement. He has done marketing activities for the global market including Europe, Middle Asia, and Middle East countries, and participated in project management and innovation projects.

He has prepared and directed four projects for Investment Agencies and NUTS II regions while he was the EU and Corporate Relations Coordinator at Turkey Informatics Associations. He is one of the founders and 2nd Chairman of the Board of Directors in the GAP Entrepreneurship Research and Development Business and Investor Professionals Association. He is involved in various entrepreneurship, design, and technology projects. He is a court expert in design and branding.

Among his expertise areas are EU and Investments Agency Project preparation, EU integration, EFQM, Turquality, strategic brand management, governance and innovation, institutionalization, business- environment analysis, store and channel performance analysis, coaching, sales, and customer relationship management, production and quality management, informatics and e-commerce.

Mr. Kalfaoglu knows English and Russian.

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Zeren Meray Deneçli

Management Consultant, Corporate Governance, Risk, Financial Affairs

Zeren Meray Deneçli, who is currently working as a Management Consultant at TeoLupus Internal Audit and Risk Management Consultancy, graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Economics in 1983 and received his Master’s Degree in Economics and Marketing from the same university in 1985.

She has worked at Ernst & Young Audit and Consulting firm for 8 years as audit and tax manager in banking and industrial organizations, established the Entrepreneurship Department and provided consultancy services to foreign investors. She has given seminars on IFRS and GAAP as a trainer.

She has more than 35 years of independent audit, financial management, internal audit, corporate and risk management experience and has worked as a senior manager in the audit and consultancy, tourism and hospitality, energy, health, reinsurance and insurance companies as well as in the printing and cardboard packaging sector in the financial affairs, finance, human resources, procurement and IT departments in charge of various projects.

She has led teams in cash flow planning and management, budget implementation and integration, SOX corporate governance compliance, internal and external audit process analysis, tax, accounting and CMB reporting, financial performance analysis, corporate and risk management, enterprise resource planning (ERP), strategic budget planning.

She served as a member of the Corporate Governance and Early Detection of Risk Committees of the Board of Directors and assumed responsibility for investor relations.  She has worked on various research and projects on sustainability issues. She was awarded as the best Finance Director in the EMEA region for investment incentive management, financial affairs and financing management.  The financing project she was responsible for received the sustainability silver award in the Environmental and Social Innovation Category of the EBRD bank.

She holds a CPA certificate, Independent Audit License, CMB Advanced Level License, Corporate Governance Rating License, Credit Rating Specialist License and Derivative Instruments License. She holds a Corporate Governance and Risk Certificate from BMI Business School & Sorbonne Business School.

She has a good command of English, is registered to Istanbul Chamber of Certified Public Accountants, is a member of TURMOB, ACCA organization.

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Süleyman Baş

Certified Internal Auditor

He has a B.A. (1994) degree in Economics (Lang. Of Instruction: English) from Istanbul University. He began his internal audit career in banking at TEB (Türk Ekonomi Bankası) as an assistant internal auditor in 1996. He has continued his career at multi-sectoral conglomerates such as Transtürk Holding, Zorlu Holding, and Öztiryakiler A.Ş., which operates in the industrial kitchen sector as Head of Internal Audit.

Throughout Zorlu Holding’s career of nine years, he had the opportunity to perform risk-based-value-adding internal audit activities in different sectors of the group such as; consumer electronics, household appliances, textile, energy, retail, tourism, defense industry, and information technology services, all focusing on the processes ranging from procurement, purchasing, logistics and warehousing and administrational ones as accounting, finance, human resources and further to marketing and sales functions.

Additionally, as a consultant, he had the chance to conduct internal audit activities in the retail business and exceptionally in a stately-owned bank: İlbank. He has professionally reviewed and proofed the translation for the Gleim set of books into Turkish which is a source for CIA (Certified Internal Auditor) exam preparation on behalf of the IIA Turkey. He has had CIA designation since 2001. He gave preparatory courses on CIA Exam on behalf of TIDE from 2004-2005. He is fluent in English and Serbian.

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O. Yılmaz İnan

Management Consultant, Finance and Procurement

Yilmaz Inan, a graduate of the Istanbul Academy of Economic and Commercial Sciences (Marmara University), is also a graduate of the Sociology Department of Istanbul University.

He has worked as an auditor, founder manager at the corporate banking department, loan department manager, and central branch manager at Dışbank.

He has also been a foreign trade company’s general manager and board member.

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Cantekin Ertekin

Management Consultant, IT Strategy and Governance

Cantekin Ertekin has graduated from Akdeniz University Business Administration Faculty. He has MSc. Of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Economy. He has worked as an auditor at KPMG, Koçtaş, and Hyundai. He has run various projects in information security. He currently works in the insurance sector as an IT governor.

He has the ISO 27001 Lead Auditor Certificate. He provides information security, data protection law, innovation, and agile transformation training.

He speaks moderate-level English and Spanish.

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İsmail Taşlıca

Management Consultant, Production

İsmail Taşlıca, a management consultant specializing in production at Teolupus Internal Audit and Risk Management Consulting, graduated from Middle East Technical University as a Metallurgical Engineer in 1983.

He started his career at Hisar Metal and Mining Company. After two years as a Shift Manager, he started working as a Chief Engineer in Precious Metals Alloy Shop at Şişecam Cam Elyaf Company. In 2001, he became a Technical Manager; in 2011, he retired. 

After his retirement, he started supporting the firms as a freelance technical consultant. Moreover, he shared his 27 years of experience with students at Marmara University as a lecturer.

Having worked for seven years in Aktive Metallurgy, he has become a member of the Teolupus family.

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Levent Urş

Management Consultant, Logistics and Inventory Management

Levent Urs, acting as a management consultant in logistics and inventory management at Teolupus Internal Audit and Risk Management Consulting, graduated from Marmara University with a B.A. in Economics in 1990. He also holds an MBA degree from Istanbul University. With increasing managerial responsibilities, Levent has worked in leading multinational FMCG companies like Mondelez International, Cadbury Turkey, Marsa KJS, Nestle, and LC Waikiki.

He has worked in managerial posts both in-country and EMEA region levels in sales and supply chain functions. His supply chain experience ranges from logistics to foreign trade, planning, purchasing, and customer service management. He has also managed ERP and Transformation projects at national and EMEA levels in line with these expertise areas.

He currently gives consultancy on ERP Project Management Applications.

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Ayhan Çevik

Management Consultant, Finance and Accounting

Ayhan Çevik graduated from Istanbul Commercial Sciences Academy. He is a management consultant in finance and accounting at Teaolupus Internal Audit and Risk Management Consulting. He has experience in banking, finance, accounting, and hotel industries. He has worked at Akbank as an auditor, branch manager/Istanbul regional manager, and assistant general manager at Vakifbank.

He has also worked at Taksim Hotel management as a general manager. He has a Certified Public Accountant and Independent Auditor certificate. He is a member of the Internal Audit Committee at the Istanbul Chamber of Certified Public Accountants and knows English.

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Ümit Köksal

Financial Management Consultant, Corporate Finance Strategy and Managerial Accounting

Ümit Köksal works as a Management Consultant at Teolupus Internal Audit and Risk Management Consulting. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at Marmara University.

Then he obtained a Master’s degree in Accounting and Finance at Marmara University, which affords him advanced knowledge and expertise in the areas of corporate finance, regulatory compliance, and accounting principles. He is a seasoned professional. He began his career as a financial accounting supervisor at Fresenius Medical Care Turkey in 2004.

After that, he led a financial accounting and reporting team at Pratt & Whitney (Turkish Engine Center), and more recently, he played strategic managerial roles at WAT Motor (Koç Group company), Sanovel Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Evyap Holding Inc., where he was responsible for conducting financial performance analysis, developing strategic financial models for new investments with high ROI, managing ERP based financial transition projects, and overseeing accounting and valuation policy settlements, and preparing financial forecasting estimates.

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Efsun Amani Aktaş

Assistant Specialist

Efsun Amani, has graduated from Tabriz University Business Administration Faculty

She successfully completed her Master’s degree in Accounting and Auditing from Istanbul Aydın University.

She began her career as an accounting staff in the office of SMMM Hüseyin İpek. Throughout her tenure, she joined Teolupus Internal Audit and Risk Management Consultancy and actively participated in various projects involving Internal Audit, Risk Management, ERP, and Training services, gaining valuable experience in the field.

She is currently devoted to ongoing projects that aim to align with legislation, showcasing her dedication to ensuring clients’ compliance and regulatory adherence.

In addition to her contributions to Teolupus in marketing, she also plays a vital role in content preparation and visual design for the company’s Social Media and Website, showcasing her versatile skill set.

Fluent in Azerbaijani, and Persian, she possesses excellent language skills that enable effective communication with a diverse range of individuals and cultures.

Doğuş Can Kaçar

Doğuş Can Kaçar

Assistant Specialist

Doğuş Can Kaçar, who works as an Assistant Internal Audit Specialist at Teolupus Internal Audit and Risk Management Consultancy and also as an SMMM Intern, is a graduate of Anadolu University Finance and Ahmet Yesevi University Computer and Instructional Technologies Teaching. He has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Ahmet Yesevi University.

He started his career as an auditor at Güvence YMM and Mazars Denge.

He is fluent in English and intermediate in Spanish.

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