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Accounting of Land Construction Transactions & Analysis

By: Arif Aktaş

Dr. Öğr. Üyesi Günay Deniz Dursun 



Turkey’s one of the most important economic sector is the construction industry. The construction sector employment has been increasing every year comparison to the previous year. In Turkey, which is an earthquake region, urban transformation projects are the most important steps taken especially for the safety of life and property. Old houses may face danger of collapse in severe earthquakes, which may be due to lack of stability. For this reason, it is very important destroy these buildings, it has become vulnerable to earthquakes, which adversely affect the environment and the appearance of the city with the old image and make the use of social areas unfavorable. In this renovation of the building; it is very important to know how to account for and be taxed in terms of contractors, homeowners, accountants, state and credit institutions. In this paper is with the importance of research demonstrate how to recognize construction costs with an example.


First publication in; SOCIAL SCIENCES STUDIES JOURNAL (SSSjournal-ISSN:2587-1587) Vol:5, Issue:30 (26.02.2019)

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