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ERP Selection & Procurement Decision Process Assessment

Our customer is operating in the chemical production sector and it is among the second 500 Big Industrial Companies of Turkey in 2020. The first phase of the Selection of ERP Software and Implementation Project has been completed.

Teolupus is providing ERP/best practices/risk/internal control consulting service for this largescale project.


The first phase of Teolupus consulting ERP service covers:

-Analysis of the existing work processes,

-Reporting of solution recommendations for development needs of the existing work processes and making them in compliance for ERP,

-Lists of needs and expectations for all work processes from ERP software to be selected

In further phase, the following goals will be completed:

-Writing of Request For Proposal (RFP) from ERP software companies,

-Writing of project contract in accordance with the budget, deadline, and technical performance evaluation criteria.

-Selection of ERP software

Additionally, ERP awareness training and brainstorming sessions for employees were provided by Teolupus.

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