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Difficult Consultant

As a consultant in logistics sector since August 2000, I will try to explain the “difficult consultant” “adjective” in this insight for colleagues in logistics sector.

Consultant or management consultant should be independent and impartial or objective. Product of consultant is his/her knowledge/expertise/experience. Consultant should prpvide correct solution to customer at all times. Consultant should stay at the same distance to solution providers. S/he should not get “commission” from solution providers. S/he sould not be business partner with solution providers.

So, the title of this insight “Difficult Consultant” addresses independent and impartial consultant. The easy way is to be part of the ecosystem of a solution provider.

Being such a consultant is difficult and looks like to be a Don Quijote.

You may see your Consulting firm as a “Court Expert” or a “Referee”. Does any one of them get a fee other than his/her salar or the agreed fee from the client? If so, would you continue trusting him/her?

Data confidentiality of clients is another basic nrinciple for consulting. It is difficult to comply it. To keep independence and confidentiality, Consent should be taken from existing clients before signing a Consulting agreement in that sector. Consultants  learn from clients too.

Referance of consultant is clients’ recommendations.

For a sustainable Consulting, performance should tie to concrete criteria and clients shoul be measuring it.



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