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Author: Levent URŞ

The most accurate way to learn the business results of a business is to scrutinize its financial statements. Analyzing these tables makes it possible to get a clear financial picture of that business. With careful analysis of the company’s financial data, you will obtain many critical information, from profitability to economic sufficiency.

Can you get a detailed idea about the business results of logistics management by looking at financial data? Of course, it is possible. However, I will suggest a shorter way. Wait to bury your head in financial statements. First, make a quick warehouse visit. Your observations during this visit will tell you much more than the tables will say to you. I can give you every guarantee of this.

TEOLUPUS Etkili depo yonetimi 01 - Effective Warehouse Management - 2024 -

I would like to make the following analogy: simile is correct. Warehouse management is like conducting an orchestra. It requires absolute dominance. If there are problems in your warehouse management processes, you cannot get the business results you want if your strategies are out of tune. When an out-of-tune musical instrument is played, you want to cover your ears. When you see a warehouse like the one in the picture, you can’t help but want to close your eyes. You ask yourself how things got to this point. Such an image is almost like the flesh and blood of the lousy business results you see in the financial statements.

Below is a photo taken from the warehouse operations of e-commerce giant Alibaba. It was recently shared widely on social media. So, looking at this photo, are we surprised by Alibaba’s business results?

TEOLUPUS Etkili depo yonetimi 02 - Effective Warehouse Management - 2024 -

Of course not. Because we know Alibaba’s commercial success, we all experience the ambitious promises that Alibaba offers to its customers. Those promises become a reality in these warehouses. The more accurately the warehouse management processes are created and implemented in these warehouses, the more successful business results are achieved. This also shows how effective warehouse management is critical to successful business results. 

This series of articles will examine how effective warehouse management affects business results. We will continue to share the good practices of effective warehouse management, which consists of a combination of many complex factors, from the design of warehouses to the technologies to be used, from stock tracking systems to order-taking processes, in our other articles.

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