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20% Efficiency Increase in Digital Transformation Projects

Author: Mehmet Göker SARP

Corporate Transformation Platform Coordinator

Business models are changing daily: The tendency to use mobile devices and flexible working in corporate and individual life is increasing. Nearly 60 million individuals in Turkey can now benefit from the internet and digital opportunities.

In addition to the conventional interfaces of Corporate Software, mobile interfaces, and mobile applications have become widespread. In this way, institutions also ensure operational efficiency and business continuity.

In the coming period, corporate software will begin to appear with more advanced features other than their usual functions: ERP systems, which work as Planning and Actual Recording Systems, will appear as proactive planning tools in the coming period.

MES Systems (Manufacturing Execution Systems), which work as a Production Area Data Collection and Production Area Management tool, will appear as a Production Area Optimization and Automatic Line Balancing Tool in the coming period.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems, which work as Customer Registration Systems and Campaign Management tools, will appear as Relationship Development, Lost Customer Recovery, and Customer Expenditure Management Tools in the coming period.

Business intelligence and decision support systems will transform into systems that learn from each other or people (self) and make future predictions.

New generation ECM (Enterprise Content Management) systems will enable us to manage documents and information intelligently (with wise classification).

Institutions will use systems that integrate with their Supply Chain and Customers, communicate and support mobility, and gather communication channels such as audio, video, message, and e-mail under one roof. They will make joint plans and solve their problems together.

Cloud Computing is increasingly vital due to its place in data exchange and communication between devices with the Internet of Things. The volumetric size of the data produced due to integrating appliances and systems will continue to increase. The importance of significant data analysis software will continue to grow.

Nearly 20% productivity increase is expected with digital transformation projects in 5 years. This will only be possible with Data Analysis, the Internet of Things, Demand Forecasting Systems, Augmented Reality and Smart Algorithms, and the Integration of MES (Manufacturing Execution System), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), and Logistics Tools.

In Turkey, supply chain optimization software is the most in-demand corporate software shortly.

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