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ERP Consulting Services

Enterprise resource planning is designed for the efficient use of all resources of the enterprise. This system can gather all the basic operations of the enterprise under its own structure, regardless of the sector and size of the enterprise.

  • Do you receive the optimum efficiency from your current ERP software?
  • How can you be sure that you choose the right plan for your company?
  • Have you done sufficient preparation for the application and implementation of the new ERP?
  • Has the time come for the transition to the new resource plan in your company?
  • Do you think your employees and your internal processes are ready for this change?

We Work in Alignment with Your Mission, Goals, and Strategies

Our company with the management consulting service provides prior and post-transition to the ERP system and during system optimization aims for a smooth transition and for you to maximize return on your investment.

Optimization of Your Current ERP System

In some situations, companies cannot use the ERP system they have allocated serious amounts of money and time efficiently for various reasons and tend to compensate for this deficiency using different software.

Among the reasons for this situation, are problems in data quality, data not prepared in time, technical issues experienced during the usage of the enterprise resource planning system, lack of education, high employee turnover rates, and business processes not compatible with the ERP system and problems with the job descriptions can be mentioned.

In this case, some of the analyses, and management reports are attempted to be created with the data received from outside the system and with different software.

As Teolupus, by examining your existing enterprise resource system and process, we identify the factors that prevent you from using your ERP system at full capacity and offer you suggestions to overcome them.

Choosing the ERP Software and the Transition Consulting

Among the reasons for resource planning systems are business processes optimization of companies that operate in various sectors are technological, institutionalization-focused management objectives like efficiency, simplicity, and integrated and fast running of business functions.

Some of ERP software selection benefits are practical and efficient usage of resources, keeping inventory at optimum levels, shortening order cycles, integrating, customer, supplier, and financial information to generate new information, and using this information to make timely and right decisions and gain competitive advantage.

Companies may redesign business processes with ERP systems that include document management, business process automation, data management, accounting, finance and reporting, etc areas.

Corporate Resource Planning Project is not only an IT Project but a long-term multi-dimensional, multi-stakeholder coordinating transition project that includes risk evaluation and cost-benefit analysis.

There are critical prerequisites for maximum efficiency of a new ERP system: Good preparation, assessing business processes, making interdepartmental data flow better, and developing it to make it more efficient.

At Teolupus, we aim for your organization to have a smooth transition to your new ERP and get maximum efficiency of your enterprise resource planning investment prior to and post-transition to the new ERP system and during system optimization.

We deliver the consulting services below during selecting a new ERP software to ensure that the right software is selected: Practitioner’s (Partner’s) supervision, externally received services (outsourced) management, training audit, document audit, fiction audit, and security audit.

 What are the Benefits of Choosing the Right ERP?

The ERP system contains document management, workflow automation, data management, accounting, finance, reporting, and so on.

  • Simplifies your business processes and redesigning,
  • Ensures effective and efficient use of your resources,
  • Keeps your inventory at optimum levels, shortens the order cycle,
  • Generates new data by integrating data like a customer, supplier, and financial information.

Enables making the right and timely decisions as a result of the information received and gaining a competitive advantage from all of these.

We Take Your Business Seriously

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