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Audit Evidence Characteristics in ISA 500

Muhammet Fatih ÇOŞKUN



With the increase in business activities, the importance and necessity of financial information and the financial statements formed by this information have been felt more and more. This situation necessitated that the financial statements which are important for the decisions of management, shareholders, and financial statements users should be correct and reliable. Whether this information is accurate and reliable is determined by an independent audit service. An independent audit is a process that collects and evaluates evidence in an independent and impartial manner in order to determine the compliance of the financial statements produced as a result of the operating activities with the predetermined criteria and to present the results to the users of the financial statements. The independent auditor collects evidence throughout the audit process in order to check the accuracy of the financial statements claimed by the management and evaluates such evidence in order to reach the audit opinion.

In this study, the audit evidence and audit techniques will be discussed and the classification of audit evidence will be evaluated in terms of the independent audit standard number 500.

Keywords: Independent Audit, Audit Evidence, Audit Techniques, Independent Auditor, Financial Statement Users

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