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Operational and Financial Reporting

The success and risks of companies can be measured by performance criteria and indicators. By finally measuring strategic and operational processes such as production, inventory management, human resources, sales, purchasing, information technology, and finance with operational and financial indicators, better internal decisions can be made and measures can be taken about possible risks.

These decisions and measures may concern strategic areas such as competitive advantage, profitability, growth, productivity, investment, human resources, and cash flow.

The Importance of Accurate Operational and Financial Reporting for Effective Decision-Making

Many operational and financial decisions, such as whether to open new branches through a dealership or “franchise” or as an owner, measuring costs regularly, price, discount, maturity and campaign strategy, how to reduce which costs, cash flow, and financing, reaching targets and budget, measuring and improving product quality, measuring and increasing customer satisfaction and profitability, measuring and improving employee satisfaction and performance, investing in which country, which services to continue to provide within the company, which services to outsource, which suppliers to continue working with, include operational and financial reporting. with decision support systems.

Reporting may require joint or comparative analysis of data from different departments within the company.

The accuracy of the data and timely production of information, the use of the right ERP and programs in reporting, and the confirmation with observations and measurements affect the quality of reporting. Thus, accurate reporting also serves to reveal the correct corporate scorecard.

 In today’s competitive world, the importance of data and information in analysis, evaluation, and decision-making is indisputable.

We Work in Alignment with Your Mission, Goals, and Strategies

It is natural for different users to have different reporting needs.

 Management reporting set, which we can briefly call management reporting system, includes all times, company processes and performance indicators, graphics and visuals, and forms the infrastructure for companies to make correct and timely decisions. The fact that these infrastructures are strong and up-to-date helps decision-makers act with timely, complete, and accurate information.

We assist you in developing your operational and financial reporting infrastructure, creating and obtaining accurate performance indicators and reports from your existing data or ERP according to your sectoral and corporate needs.

 With this service, we support you in taking your managerial decisions supported by healthier sectoral and best practice indicators, reports, and wider data.

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