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On the Relationship Between ERP, CRM and MES Software

By: Y. Yağmur Katipoğlu

In this insight, I will try to have a look between ERP, CRM and MES.

ERP, by definition is a tool to plan resources in ornanizations. CRM is customer relationship management and MES is manufacturing execution system.

Basicly, are customers and manufacturing not company resources? If they are, why are they not part of ERP? Why should they be managed by separate software?

We can observe similar situation in WMS / DYS warehouse management system, TMS etc. Are they not part of ERP with the same reasoning?

In the World, business software trend shows that ERP software producers bu CRM, MES, WMS, WES, TMS alike vertical programs and integrate with their ERP software.

If companies have separate software for each business function and if these are not integrated to each other, there may be issues like: Signing maintenance agreements with each separately, how about integration problems in each update of these software, will reports from each be taken separately etc. And how reliable will each report be?

So, either integrated solutions or silo solutions will be decided to have whereas how we will ensure that silo solutions will produce reliable reports.

It is understandable commercially that software producers would like to sell their silo software to as many companies as possible. However, companies using these separate software may have difficulties in coordination among these software.

It is advised to make a well reseasrch and feasibility study before making a decision which software (“all-in-one” solution or separate software solution) to buy.

erp ile crm ve mes yazilimlarinin iliskisi - On the Relationship Between ERP, CRM and MES Software - 2024 -

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