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We offer tailor-made, customized service for your company.

Dealer (Franchise) Audit Services

Supervision and control of your dealers, which are your sales channel, is very important for the management process. With our franchise audit services, we recognize your franchise profile and support your dealer management process with the service we offer.

  • Do you audit your dealers (Franchise)?
  • Analysis of the franchise contract in terms of legal risks
  • Analysis of the franchise contract in terms of commercial risks
  • Compliance control of the franchise contract
  • Analysis and periodical report of the financial status of your dealers
  • Are your dealers (franchisees) following the conditions of the dealer (franchise) contract?

Let us audit your dealer’s successful and quality-proven brands to be prevented from getting harmed by their activities.

Analysis of the Dealer (Franchisee) Contract in Terms of Legal Risks

By reviewing the dealer agreement before signing for you and informing you about the potential risks, you will have the opportunity to review the subjects that will be revised and change them if necessary.

Thus, you will be able to take measures against negative situations.

Analysis of the Dealer (Franchise) Contract in Terms of Commercial Risks

Designing the articles in the dealer (franchise) contract in accordance with company strategies like commercial profitability, sales promotion, and market expansion and revising the compatibility with the agreement articles and commercial objectives will provide added value to your business.

Compliance Audit of the Dealer (Franchise) Contract

Auditing your dealers to see whether they are acting according to the conditions of the agreement at regular intervals and monitoring the risk of them acting outside of the agreement, and having prior knowledge will allow you to better manage the risk of your dealers.

Analysis and Periodical Reporting of the Financial Status of your Dealer (Franchisee)

With regular financial review and reporting, you will be able to have control over the financial condition of your dealers, and you will have the opportunity to see possible damages before they occur.

Even though they submitted a letter of guarantee, it is a reality that dealers that operate in various sectors may have a financial burden.

Mystery Client Service

Mystery Client Service is our service of auditing and reporting whether dealer salespeople and managers’ communication and behavior towards your customers are appropriate for the corporate behavior that you expect within the fictionary cases that will be designed with you.

Customer communication and customer satisfaction are factors that directly affect sales. The dealer employee that the customer communication directly represents your company.

This communication to be right and appropriate is one of the most important factors that will determine customer’s purchasing behavior and will show whether continuous demand for your products.

The positive/negative scenarios we determine with you and what we encounter during audits will be reported to your side and you will get independent information about establishing communication with customers right in your dealers.

Store Audit Services

Teolupus can audit the activities of your retail stores and explore gaps.

Our experts and internal auditors can decide about the audit scope of your retail stores by collaborating. Continuous store audits are important to protect your service quality, strengthen your reputation and increase commercial success. Stores are the faces of your brand.

The audit scope may include your competitors’ products and sales points. Some audit examples are as follows:

  • Product presentation:
    • Packaging, labeling, quick access, the entrance of store-storage, cleaning-order, replacement speed of products, campaign management,
    • Inventory level on shelf, consistency of inventory floor, inventory follow-up, average life on the floor, latest sales dates
    • Lighting, visual materials, discounts, employees’ knowledge, working hours, alarms, the appearance of the store and employees, reporting and usage of software, customer relations, legal documents, filing, risks, and internal controls
  • Positioning of product
    • Place in shelf
    • Place in-store
    • The appearance of promotional materials and point-of-sales materials

Please contact us for Tealopus to serve you with in-store audit services.

A Relationship of Trust with Employees, Customers and Suppliers is an Institutional Step Forward

Human Resources Services

Our Most Important Asset for Organizational Success: Human Resources

  • Are your turnover and profitability declining?
  • Are you having difficulty competing with your competitors?
  • Don’t your customers prefer your products as much as they used to?
  • Are your employees not happy either?
  • Is the family the problem? Is it the decision of we as the board of directors? Are our managers the problem? Our employees? The systems we set up?

If you are asking: “Isn’t it time we had a check-up? “,

Let us review as TeoLupus, your human resources system, and applications, recommend the necessary change and transformation actions, and apply them together.

Human Resources Activities, Beginning

  • Formation of the Organizational Structure
  • Preparation of the Norm Cadré
  • Work analyses
  • Making the job descriptions
  • Formation of Competency Analyses and Competency Model and Structure
  • Human Resources Process Designs

Human Resources Activities Salary & Wage Administration Fundamentals

  • Application of Work Evaluation System
  • Grading of Works
  • Establishing Duty – Salary / Wage Structure – Scaling
  • Formation of Premium and Reward Systems

Human Resources Activities Organizational Development

  • Formation of Performance System
  • Setting up Performance System – Rewards relationship
  • Establishment of Authorization Tables
  • Making Individual Development Analyses
  • Formation of Departmental Development Analyses
  • Setting up Evaluation and Selection Systems of Education Companies
  • Making the Annual Education Budget and Plans
  • Making the Education Organizations and Reporting
  • Providing Employee Counseling and Career Development Support
  • Board of Directors Independent (External) Membership

HR Activities  Small & Medium-Sized Enterprises and Family-Owned Companies

  • Consultancy for Founding the Family Constitution
  • Preparation of the Description of the Duties and Authorities of the Chair and Members of the Board of Directors
  • Providing Coaching and Mentoring Support for Cultivating Future Generations
  • Performing and Reporting Corporate Culture Analyses
  • Establishing Recommendation Development Systems
  • Leadership and Management Training
  • Leadership Development Workshops

Strategic Management Services

Strategic Management: For your company to sustain activities in the long term, maintain competitive advantages and make a profit, it must use its resources effectively and efficiently and take and evaluate effective decisions. In today’s trans-formative and competitive environment, we support your company in reaching targets through holistic plans.

How can Teolupus add value through Strategic Management services?

  • By adding value to your company targets and strategic plans to cope with global competition
  • Analyzing your product quality-price, distribution, accounting, financial, compliance, supply chain, purchasing, human resources, corporate culture, customer, market, employee, and supplier, exploring risks and opportunities
  • Reporting alignment of your company targets and strategies with strengths and weaknesses
  • Supporting your company reorganization with a customer-focus view
  • Designing custom-made company processes to develop existing processes, reviewing procedures
  • Designing and monitoring analysis for your customer and employee satisfaction
  • Applying management tools such as benchmarking, corporate culture and quality measurement, and lean manufacturing

Reputation is an Investment for the Future

Digital Transformation Services

In the middle of the digital revolution, don’t Let Technology Manage You! Manage Technology by digital transformation in your company/enterprise.

By determining your company’s digitalization level, we prepare your “Digital Road Map” aligned with your targets and strategies.

Reviewing the systems that comprise your infrastructure, customer relations, and work processes (transaction flows) as per your company’s priorities is critical for the company’s sustainability.

We are with you in all digital transformation solutions regarding reviewing your business model, analyzing your business processes, and restructuring your processes as per your customer and business targets.

Instead of resisting the inevitable advancement of technology, we prepare you for the future by actualizing your improvement, efficiency, growth, sustainability, and profitability targets in line with technologies that provide economic edge and reliability.

Information technology and systems have become indispensable decision support systems in all fields from manufacturing to service sectors in the contemporary world.

The increase in business fields relying on information and data processing with new methods and techniques has rendered information vital for enterprises.

When to get a Digital Transformation consultancy

When you decide to get digital transformation and technology consultancy services, we, as TeoLupus, will prepare your transformation project with you and our certified experts in their fields to provide your restructuring in line with your corporate targets and strategies.

Immediately after the initial evaluation report of your company, we determine your road map and submit your project work and action plan for your evaluation, synchronized with your calendar.

Our contribution to your digital transformation process

We prepare your company for the future, using our expertise and experience to form a management system that meets audit-ability standards.

We start from your company’s technological infrastructure, evaluate your information technology investment, and help you provide for the correctness, reliability, and accessibility of information so that your decisions will be sound and applicable.

Our Technology Consultancy Services:

  • Preparation for Digital Transformation
  • Conformity to Personal Data Protection Act and ISO 27001
  • Digitalization of Processes
  • Determination of Digital Security and Risk Exposure
  • Transformation and System integration
  • Management Decision Systems Consultancy

Fixed Asset Services

Protect your assets with Fixed Asset management

  • How do you trace your fixed assets?
  • Are you counting your inventory properly?
  • Are you sure that you protect your assets?

Counting the fixed asset inventory, establishing of follow-up and management system, audit of the fixed asset management process.

Inventory Stock Taking

  • Tagging fixed assets with bar-code labels
  • Enabling fixed assets inventory results to be monitored in a database

Establishing a Tracking and Management System

  • Assessing the current amounts by physical count
  • Evaluating the physical inventory count results according to the Tax law
  • Removing the differences by fixing accounting records and helping company officials for taking the adjusted trial balance for inventory

 Fixed Asset Process Management Audit

  • Analysis of control criteria
  • Risk evaluations
  • Analytical procedures
  • Accounting audit: Analyzing purchases to and retirements from fixed assets, depreciation expenses of the current year, and the accumulated depreciation and the fixed assets account balance at the end of the period.

Why is it Important to Ensure Proper Stock-taking

There are many consequences of not performing stock-taking in the Tax Procedural Code. The most severe of them is the tax assessment of the tax base of the period according to article 30/3 of the law).

  • If you don’t want to be subject to tax assessment according to the Turkish Tax Procedure Law (TPL).
  • If you don’t want to be subject to heavy fines for the breach of Article 66 of the Turkish Commercial Code (TCC).
  • If you want to maintain your corporate prestige by preparing accurate financial statements according to the TPL, you must ensure proper stack-counting in your company.

How does the Audit of the Fixed-Assets Process Help You?

We enable the risks and control deficiencies to be determined and the analyses that will benefit the improvement of the process to be at your hand before they harm your company.

What are the Benefits of a Tracking and Management System?

  • Maximizes the ROI (Return on Investment) by knowing the cost of fixed assets and the amount invested in them.
  • Increases reliability.
  • Enabling fixed assets with maximum efficiency –within the knowledge of where and who has them- improves overall efficiency.
  • Provides continuity of usage and reduces the risk of loss by warranty, repair, service, and maintenance management.
  • Provides licensing, serial number, multiple billing services, and maintenance errors.
  • Enables evaluating and comparing suppliers, maintenance, and service companies. This data is important in service and maintenance agreements that can be made in the future.
  • Accumulating and keeping correct and comprehensive data about fixed assets in a central database enable rational investment decision-making and information sharing.
  • It makes it possible to reach the actual cost of ownership (TOC – Total Cost of Ownership) by tracking the fixed asset life cycle.
  • Presents from holding and purchasing unnecessary, excess, and useless fixed assets and, in the long term, with the estimated costs, reduce the cost of these assets and IT equipment.

Machinery & Equipment Inventory and Valuation Services

A global pandemic may force companies to take tough decisions. Learning the real value of company assets is critically important in making management decisions.

We as Teolupus, provide valuation services for your machinery and equipment that is part of your company assets.

With this valuation, the real market value of your machinery and equipment will be calculated, declared in books, and make your shareholders’ equity get stronger.

Machinery & equipment valuation is done by our experts under certain criteria and techniques.

Legal Risk Management

Law is one of the “ Legal Risks Management” tools. After risk actualizes certainly it’s necessary to get the best result. But correction after risk actualization creates a financial burden on your company and takes time.

Therefore, risks that pose legal threats must be eliminated or managed. In our opinion, taking precautions in advance against contingent risks is very important.

By means of precautionary law, we will determine any risks that your company may be exposed to compliance risks and take the necessary legal measures in advance to minimize any unfavorable effects to your company arising from the implementation of these laws and regulations.

Laws and regulations particular to your sector and company will be followed and reported along with recommendations.

According to Legal Risks Management and Corporate preferences

  • The risk may be avoided
  • The risk may be accepted
  • The risk may be shared or mitigated

Our Services for your company

  • Following the laws and regulations, corporate effect analysis, reporting about the precautions necessitated by the probabilities of favorable or unfavorable consequences for taking action. Keeping track of the Official Gazette, Court of Appeal resolutions and as per the company’s request, following legislation about foreign markets, acknowledgment about subjects that may affect the sector and the company.
  • Analyse your corporate objectives, strategy, and probable risks, predict potential conflicts, acknowledge risks, and install precautions to all your business processes. When there is a change in the way of doing business in your sector, analyze how your company and sector will be affected and propose solution options.
  • Reviewing current contracts, determination of legal inconveniences, and restructuring and rewriting the contracts in a manner favorable for the company. Review new contracts before they are signed, and restructure them if necessary before signing on.
  • In case any legislation that is probable to come into force imposes a risk for the sector and the company, managing the relationship with the related public organizations and institutions.
  • Following the legal processes regarding the restructuring of your Receivables and Debts. Following up concordat ( scheme of debt restructuring ) processes, restructuring your loan debts with banks and financial institutions, and processes related to collecting receivables.
  • Providing consultancy services in all kinds of legal matters. Providing consultancy services in every field concerning your company such as Labor Law,  Code of Obligations, Commercial Law, and Personal Data Protection Act.

Benefits of Legal Risk Management

 If you have started export activities, contracts include clauses to protect you that you sign with distributors and vendors in your target markets.

Take different legal protective measures against possible default risks by domestic customers on their debts to your company, whose collateral may be insufficient to protect your receivables.

Putting into lease contracts of immovable assets all the clauses that will minimize all kinds of lease risks.

Reviewing labor contracts to prevent damage to the company’s reputation and undesirable financial losses that could arise from claims of employees

Taking legal measures for the protection of your company’s Intellectual and Industrial Rights

Taking legal measures against indemnity liabilities arising from customer complaints about production

Many companies have been damaged by various aspects of these and similar issues.

We profoundly analyze risks that your company is exposed to with our team comprising our legal advisors, risk management, internal control, and internal audit expertsWe provide legal precautions compatible with your targets and strategies and monitor their application.

Institutionalization and Professional Management Services

Institutionalization is when all activities of an enterprise or organization are planned, measurable, reportable, curable, and methodological, ensuring continuity, sound, and dynamic without being dependent on individuals.

By institutionalization, we mean blending principles, rules, and standard practices with the power of family culture and entrepreneurship.

Institutionalization for SMEs

In our country, more than 95% of the companies are small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs), and a significant portion of SMEs are family companies that need to advance their corporate maturity.

The average life of family companies is 25-30 years. 30% of the family companies can pass to the second generation, 12% to the third generation, and 3% to the fourth generation.

Why is the life span of these companies short?

There are many answers to this problem. We can summarize all these answers as the inability of institutionalization.

Some sub-headings of the inability of small and medium-sized (SME) companies’ institutionalization can be listed as follows:

-Failure to manage the processes with an architectural perspective, internal control deficiencies, problems in stock management, calculating the costs accurately wrongly, branding, risk management (financial risks such as currency risk-interest risk, liquidity risk, clarification of strategic targets, risk of compliance with the legislation, tax risk, operational – information technology and reputation risk management, employee loyalty and qualifications, capital insufficiency, inability to access credit sources, accounting and tax risks, inability to manage cash flow, obtaining inaccurate results from financial statement analysis, lack of decision support system, inability to manage growth, etc.

comments from the owners and managers of SMEs

-How can we prevent out-of-control operations? How do we manage our business with principles, rules, and standards without losing our values, agility, and flexibility? Should we switch to ERP?

  • What will happen to this company after me?
  • How can we increase the company’s value?
  • How can we manage fast growth?
  • What jobs should we outsource, and which jobs should we co-source or do with a partner? Which business areas should we leave, and which ones should we enter?
  • How can we improve strategic planning and budgeting?
  • How can we control the speed of staff turnover? Can we create a well-functioning performance and career management system for employees?
  • How can we improve sales collection, purchase payment, stock/production, resource/reimbursement, fixed assets, human resources, social security, law, and cash management processes?
  • How can we streamline the reporting infrastructure to help management make decisions?

How can Teolupus help you?

Initially, we conduct free preliminary examinations and diagnostic work in your business.

Then, in the services we have agreed on and road map, we combine our interviews, observations, and examinations with our expertise and experience and present our solutions tailored to your institution in line with international standards.

We determine the working time according to a road map we will develop together.

Based on the size of the work to be done, we complete our work between 1 and 8 months and continue to monitor and evaluate after-work effects with you during the implementation process of the study.

When Working with Us, You Will Receive Special Boutique Service for Your Industry, Company and Team

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