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In the middle of digital revolution, don’t Let Technology Manage You! Manage Technology by digital transformation in your company / enterprise.

We prepare your “Digital Road Map” aligned with your targets and strategies by determining your company’s digitalization level.


Reviewing the systems that comprise your infrastructure, customer relations and work processes (transaction flows) as per the priorities of your company is critical for sustainability of your company.

We are with you in all digital transformation solutions regarding review of your business model, analysis of your business processes, restructuring of your processes as per your customer and business targets.

Instead of resisting the inevitable advancement of technology, we prepare you for the future by actualizing your improvement, efficiency, growth, sustainability and profitability targets in line with technologies that provide economic edge and reliability.

In all fields from manufacturing to service sectors, information technology and systems have also become indispensable decision support systems in contemporary world.

The increase in business fields relying on information and data processing with new methods and techniques have rendered information vital for enterprises.

When to get Digital Transformation consultancy

When you decide to get digital transformation and technology consultancy services, we as TeoLupus will will prepare your transformation project, with you and with our certified experts in their fields, to provide your restructuring in line with your corporate targets and strategies.

Immediately after the initial evaluation report of your company, we determine your road map, submit your project work and action plan for your evaluation, synchronized with your calendar.


Our contribution to your digital transformation process

We prepare your company for the future, using our expertise and experience to form a management system that meets audit-ability standards.

We start from your company’s technological infrastructure, evaluate your information technology investment, help you provide for the correctness, reliability and accessibility of information, so that your decisions will be sound and applicable.

Our Technology Consultancy Services:

  • Preparation for Digital Transformation
  • Conformity to Personal Data Protection Act and ISO 27001
  • Digitilization of Processes
  • Determination of Digital Security and Risk Exposure
  • Transformation and System integration
  • Management Decision Systems Consultancy