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Law is one of the “ Legal Risks Management” tools. After risk actualizes certainly it’s necessary to get the best result. But correction after risk actualization creates a financial burden on your company and takes your time.

Therefore, risks that pose legal threats must be eliminated or managed. In our opinion, it is very important to take precautions in advance against contingent risks.


By means of precautionary law, we will determine any risks that your company may be exposed to compliance risks and take the necessary legal measures in advance to minimize any unfavorable effects to your company arising from the implementation of these laws and regulations.

Laws and regulations particular to your sector and company will be followed up and reported along with recommendations.

According to Legal Risks Management and Corporate preferences

  • Risk may be avoided
  • Risk may be accepted
  • Risk may be shared or mitigated

Risk management can offer revenue increasing opportunities to your company. It can also provide insights for the management of strategic, operational, information technology and financial risks as well as prevent damages to your corporate reputation.

Those who don’t manage their risks can not manage crisis neither.

Our Services for your company

  • Following the laws and regulations, corporate effect analysis, reporting about the precautions necessitated by the probabilities of favorable or unfavorable consequences for taking action. Keeping track of the Official Gazette, Court of Appeal resolutions and as per the company’s request, following legislation about foreign markets, acknowledgement about subjects that may affect the sector and the company.
  • Analysis of your corporate objectives, strategy and probable risks, predicting potential conflicts, acknowledgement about risks and installation of precautions to all your business processes.
    When there is a change in the way of doing business in your sector, analyzing how your company and sector will be affected and proposing solution options.
  • Reviewing current contracts, determination of legal inconveniences and restructuring and rewriting the contracts in a manner favorable for the company.
    Reviewing new contracts before they are signed, restructure them if necessary before signing on.
  • In case any legislation that is probable to come into force imposes a risk for the sector and the company, managing the relationship with the related public organizations and institutions.
  • Following the legal processes regarding the restructuring of your Receivables and Debts.
    Following up concordat ( scheme of debt restructuring ) processes, restructuring of your loan debts with banks and financial institutions and processes related to the collection of receivables.
  • Providing consultancy services in all kinds of legal matters. Providing consultancy services in every field concerning your company such as Labor Law,  Code of Obligations, Commercial Law and Personal Data Protection Act.

Benefits of Legal Risk Management

 If you have started export activities, contracts including clauses to protect you that you sign with distributors and vendors in your target markets.

Taking different legal protective measures against possible default risks by domestic customers on their debts to your company, whose collateral may be insufficient to protect your receivables.

Putting into lease contracts of immovable assets all the clauses that will minimize all kinds of lease risks.

Reviewing labor contracts to prevent damage to the company’s reputation and undesirable financial losses that could arise from claims of employees

Taking the legal measures for the protection of your company’s Intellectual and Industrial Rights

Taking the legal measures against indemnity liabilities arising from customer complaints about production

Many companies have been inflicted with damages from various aspects on these and similar issues.

We profoundly analyze risks that your company is exposed to with our team comprising our legal advisors, risk management, internal control and internal audit experts

We provide legal precautions compatible with your targets and strategies and monitor their application.