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A Periodical Co-Sourcing Internal Audit Service

We provide periodic internal audit services to our client, who is on the ISO 500 list in the cable industry. Two consecutive years of internal audit service include Risk Analysis and Internal Control System Evaluation. By monitoring last year’s internal audit report, we designed and applied risk-based internal audit strategies and engagement programs, including sector analysis. Our service includes end-to-end accounting, finance, financial control, management reporting, human resources, procurement, and sales. This may expand to other corporate needs in assurance and advisory services.

Borsan Haber teolupus - A Periodical Co-Sourcing Internal Audit Service - 2024 -

Co-sourcing in internal audits may give organizations a fresh perspective on international expertise.

Regular internal audit service is strategic and impacts governance, controls, risks, and processes. This will assist in developing institutionalization efforts.

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