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Completed Phase 1 of ERP Procurement Process for Customers

As TEOLUPUS, we have successfully completed Phase 1 which has included process improvement of the new ERP selection project of MKS Marmara Entegre Kimya Sanayi A. S. that is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Turkey in organic chemicals.


teolupus erp - Completed Phase 1 of ERP Procurement Process for Customers - 2024 -

Teolupus has provided consultancy services to MKS Marmara Entegre Kimya Sanayi A.Ş. for the analysis and improvement of business processes in terms of “Best Practices”, “Risk” and “Internal Control” during the completed Phase 1.


1a2 - Completed Phase 1 of ERP Procurement Process for Customers - 2024 -

Teolupus has also provided an ERP selection process consultancy service that includes a common point of view, by transforming the contributions and expectations of all stakeholders, who produce and use data in the company, into objective and measurable criteria.

Our Phase 1 Service Included The Following Headings:

  • The existing business processes were analyzed through face-to-face interviews with employees,
  • After the analysis of business processes, our report containing process improvements and solution suggestions that are suitable for the operation of ERP was prepared and shared with decision-makers,
  • Reports on the needs of the parties and their expectations from the ERP system were generated for all business processes, through face-to-face meetings,
  • The need and expectation reports were shared with the ERP companies and they were enabled to prepare a comparable presentation.
  • Supported the writing of information and quotation request files (RFI and RFP) for ERP companies,
  • ERP software for which presented with a generated scenario is requested was evaluated with objective and measurable criteria,
  • As a result of the evaluations of the company stakeholders, -brand-independent and impartial- support was provided for the selection of the ERP software.
  • Support was provided for the review of the project contract to be signed between the selected ERP software manufacturer and our customer in accordance with the budget, deadline, and technical performance evaluation criteria.

Our Currently Ongoing Phase 2 Service Includes The Following Heading:

  • Quality assurance service in ERP implementation.

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