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A Guide for Exporters to Benefit from Post-Turquality Incentives

The Turquality program, which was launched to strengthen brands and exports in Turkey’s globalizing economy, is of great importance for the country’s economy. According to data from the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), the number of companies included in the Turquality program among the 1000 companies that will account for 50% of exports in 2020 is gradually increasing. In this study, we will explain how you can benefit from Turquality and brand support. We will also discuss in detail the conditions for a successful support application, implementation and the benefits of using a consultant during the Turquality incentive application process.


Turquality Incentives

The support provided under the Turquality program is designed to help exporters increase their competitiveness in international markets. According to data from the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey (TOBB), there has been a significant increase in the export volumes of companies supported by the Turquality program. The supports provided within this scope are listed below:

  • Promotion and advertising activities
  • Openings of fairs, showrooms and other sales points
  • Training and consultancy services
  • Improving product and service quality
  • Participation in events and organizations organized abroad

Brand Supports

Trademark subsidies are designed to help companies increase brand awareness and value. According to data from the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office, the following Turquality supports have led to a significant increase in trademark registration applications.

  • Trademark registration processes
  • Brand evaluation and analysis studies
  • Developing brand positioning and strategies
  • Brand communication and promotion activities

Conditions for Successful Support Application

The quality of your applications is important to benefit from Turquality and brand supports such as promotion, consultancy, employment, certification, certification, rent, franchise, market research, trademark, patent, registration. The conditions for a successful support application determined by the Turkish Ministry of Economy are as follows:

1. The company must have a structure operating in Turkey and engaged in export-oriented production

2. The company has a certain brand value and recognition in international markets

3. High export potential and innovation capability

4. Acting with the goals of product and service quality, customer satisfaction and sustainable growth

Benefits of Using a Consultant in the Turquality Incentive Application Process

During the Turquality incentive application process, you can benefit from consultancy services to facilitate the application process and increase the chances of success. In this way, you can better understand the legislation and processes related to the Turquality program and make your application correctly. The benefits of using consultancy services can be summarized as follows:

  1. Determining the right strategy: Consultants will help you develop a strategy that is suitable for the Turquality program by analyzing your company’s needs and goals. This will increase the chances of success of your application and help you make the most of the incentives.
  2. Facilitating the application process: Consultants guide you through all stages of the application process, ensuring that it goes quickly and smoothly. Thus, you will have the opportunity to use your company’s time and resources more efficiently.
  3. Knowledge of legislation and processes: The legislation and processes of the Turquality program can be complex. Since consultants are experienced in these matters, they will help your company avoid mistakes and make a compliant application.
  4. Effective reporting and follow-up: Consultants will help you regularly monitor and report on the use of incentives and the progress of projects. They also ensure that processes are managed correctly and effectively. In this way, it is possible to maximize the benefit from incentives.
  5. Continuous development and support: Consultants are knowledgeable about the constantly updated legislation and practices of the Turquality program. Therefore, it helps your company to continuously improve and be aware of new opportunities.

Turquality incentives and brand support play an important role in helping Turkey achieve its goal of creating global brands and strengthening its exports. This study will be an important starting point for companies that want to benefit from Turquality incentives and achieve success in the global market.

For a successful support application and effective use of incentives, you may want to consider using consultancy services. This will enable your company to become stronger and more competitive in international markets and increase its brand value and export volume. Here are the steps that companies wishing to benefit from the Turquality program should take:

Turquality and Brand Support Application Steps


In this process, company pre-examination studies are carried out and improvement areas are identified. Document deficiencies related to the identified improvement areas are eliminated, pre-examination presentations are prepared and the final deficiencies are completed by conducting a rehearsal pre-examination rehearsal. The step-by-step process is summarized below:

  1. Preliminary Assessment: It is important to assess whether your company is eligible to benefit from the support offered under the Turquality program. In this assessment, factors such as your company’s export potential, product and service quality, brand value and international recognition are taken into consideration.
  2. Preparation of the Application File and Guidance: You must prepare a complete application file by collecting the necessary documents and information for your application. The support application file must comply with the current regulations and communiqués and contain all the information and documents required by the support program.
  3. Application Submission: After the application file is processed, the application process is followed and additional information and documents requested by the ministry are prepared. In this process, up-to-date information about the changing regulations and communiqués, if any, is shared.
  4. Benefiting from Support: After a positive application, the steps of the Turquality and Trademark support program are followed. The development roadmap, expenditures, expenditure documents and payments are monitored and guidance is continued to ensure that the transactions are carried out in accordance with the regulations.

By taking advantage of the Turquality program, you can contribute to Turkey’s export targets and help companies gain a stronger position in the global market. By following the processes and strategies described in this study, you will take an important step towards making the most of the opportunities offered by the Turquality program. Remember that continuous improvement and innovative approaches are the cornerstones of a successful export strategy.

Continuity of Turquality Program and Success Stories

Firms included in the Turquality program increase their export volume and employment by taking advantage of support to increase brand awareness and value in the international arena.

According to data from the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM), the export volume and employment of companies included in the Turquality program have been steadily increasing since the program’s inception. These success stories are also an important source of motivation for other companies.

The success stories of the Turquality program are indicative of its sustainability and the important role it plays in achieving export targets. The Turquality program offers great opportunities for Turkish companies that want to have a say in global competition.

You have been accepted into the Turquality program, so what to do now?

After being included in the program, you can benefit from many incentives offered to you. You can start working with the business partners you choose according to the priorities in your roadmap.

Management Consultancies We Offer Within the Scope of Turquality

Teolupus provides consultancy services to companies that receive Turquality or Trademark Support incentives. We support organizational success and sustainability with our consultancy services. You can review the incentives you can receive from Teolupus within the scope of Turquality in the table below.


Support ElementScope
Value Chain ManagementConsultancy expenses for the establishment and optimization of the type of infrastructure to be established, distribution and supply channels, operation, storage, after-sales service infrastructure
Change ManagementConsultancy expenses related to organizational restructuring, adaptation of new systems and practices, adaptation after mergers and acquisitions of foreign companies
Financial Management           Consultancy expenses related to the financial strategies of companies (lending, outsourcing, etc.)
Pricing and Profitability ManagementConsultancy expenses related to price and profit optimization
Human Resources Management Consultancy expenses for recruitment, orientation, performance, promotion, wage and talent management, career planning
Business Development and Business Continuity    Consultancy expenses related to analysis of the organization and organizational structure, business impact and risk analysis, determination of business continuity strategies, plan and process development
Reputation and Crisis Management ConsultancyConsultancy expenses related to the management of crises related to the reputation of the company in the market
Quality Management and Control             Consultancy expenses for the establishment and continuity of quality systems
Creating Corporate IdentityConsultancy expenses for the creation of corporate brand identity
Corporate GovernanceConsultancy expenses for determining company policies and procedures and reviewing existing corporate governance policies
Brand ManagementConsultancy expenses for the perception of the brand in the eyes of the consumer, differentiation of the brand compared to competitors in the market, and designing the brand message specific to the market
Market Entry ConsultancyConsultancy expenses for evaluating the unique dynamics of markets, examining the strengths/weaknesses of competitors and formulating entry strategies to help decision-making on target market selection
Risk ManagementConsultancy expenses for the identification and categorization of corporate risk processes, determination of responsible persons, impact assessments of risks and necessary actions to control these risks
Process ManagementConsultancy expenses for the identification, measurement and improvement of processes and performance criteria
Production Management/ Performance ImprovementConsultancy expenses for optimization of production processes (lean production, 6 sigma, kaizen, etc.)


Support ElementScope
Brand ManagementConsultancy expenses for the perception of the brand in the eyes of the consumer and differentiation of the brand compared to the competitors in the market, designing the brand message specific to the market
Market Entry ConsultancyConsultancy expenses for evaluating the unique dynamics of markets, examining the strengths/weaknesses of competitors and formulating entry strategies to assist in market selection decision-making
Marketing ConsultancyDetermining marketing objectives, competitor positioning, target customer profile and brand positioning, target customer analysis, consultancy expenses for creating a marketing plan
Sales ConsultancyConsultancy expenses for preparing sales tracking reports, structuring sales channels, creating a dealer management model, establishing bonus systems for the sales team
Retail ConsultingConsultancy expenses for participating in retail chains
Distribution Channel ManagementType of infrastructure to be established, distribution and operation, storage, consultancy expenses for the establishment and optimization of after-sales service infrastructure
Pricing and Profitability ManagementConsultancy expenses related to price and profit optimization
Store ManagementConsultancy expenses for the selection of store locations, opening, design and operation of stores
Legal ConsultancyConsultancy expenses for the establishment of companies abroad and for the creation and protection of trademark agreements abroad
Reputation and Crisis Management ConsultancyConsultancy expenses related to the management of crises related to the reputation of the company in the market
Corporate Social Responsibility ActivitiesConsultancy expenses for the formulation and follow-up of corporate social responsibility strategy

In conclusion, the Turquality program and brand support is an important tool to increase Turkey’s exports and global brand value. This guide will help your company succeed in the process of applying to the Turquality program and benefiting from the support. The road to success is paved with continuous improvement, innovative strategies and effective use of support.

TeoLupus offers special services within the scope of professional Turquality and Brand Support consultancy in line with its expertise. Contact us to see our customized solutions and services for your business that will enable you to easily benefit from Turquality and trademark supports by having a free preliminary examination and diagnostic study.

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