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Power, Politics, and Culture in Companies

Author: M. Gürşan Gürel, Human resources specialist

Four words and a conjunction! How much do three of these four words affect your market share and profits?

How much do these three words increase or decrease customer experience and satisfaction? So, how much does it affect your bottom line?

How much does it impact your employees and increase their loyalty to your company? And these days when the millennium generation is starting to enter business life.

Does power begin with vision? If it starts with an idea, how can it be continued? How is power generated? Are the people who founded the company the most powerful? Do the people of their lineage who are descended from them or somehow enter that ring of power through their marital status have vested power, or have they acquired an appointed power?

Power is achieved through vision, strengthening, growing, and developing with people who believe in a dream! Healthy power growth is achieved by the core team that believes in that dream, staying within the goals they believe in, and adding the right people and the right people to the outer circles at the right time. I say the right people because They know how and where to go. The further away from the dream and the goal, the further away the power is from being used healthily.

What good will politics do, then? What kind of strategies do we need to create to realize that vision? Politics will help us create and implement those strategies! It will be helpful in planning; it will help us create road maps, how many square meters of room we will give to whom, will we call the manager or assistant manager, what kind of company car we will provide, which hotel we will stay in the business trip, what quality and how many types of food will the catering company provide, whose parking lot is closer to the door.

Will we provide additional company assistance in case of work accidents? How will we support the family in case of death? Many similar practices will be defined in these policies. The management’s vision will be the main rule-setter in creating these policies.

Culture is such a broad word, mainly when used in companies! Culture is a word that directly affects your vital flow, that is, your income, from delivery to product returns, from business style to cleanliness, from clothing style to customer appeal style.

The last of the three most potent words that shape your practices that will make your employees happy or unhappy and directly affect your market share and profit is culture. However, These three do not wander alone. They always exist together and inseparably! This trio is significantly developed in companies considered good examples, and the ego is weakened. Arrogance has disappeared because the goals in these companies are customer-oriented continuous improvement, including leadership and creativity in every aspect! Look at Fortune 100 companies and see how they stand out. Is it the result? Faith, effort, and patience. If you adopt this trio as a principle to support the Power, Politics, and Culture trio, you will see your difference quickly! Good luck.

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