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Transforming Public Accounting & Auditing in the Digital Age

Author: Ahmet Esgin

Where Did This Come From Now?

The double ledger accounting system was the world’s first business tracking and management information system. Goods and cash flows could be monitored chronologically through journals and categorically through the general ledger. The account key also made it easier to meet different reporting requirements.

No business can continue as before unskilled jobs were eliminated through automation. Increasingly, qualified “professions” are being replaced by web-based cloud computing and video sharing, expert systems, and application software using intelligent algorithms: notary public with KEP, translation services with “Google translate,” digital marketing and trade sites, gallery owners, real estate agents, and travelers. agencies, customs consultancy with e-declaration, e-accounting/Reconciliation/e-Invoice/Archive/Ledger/Delivery Note and CPA services, e-learning with foreign language and vocational courses, private teaching institutions, and even school and university teaching.

What to do?

The Financial Consultancy and Audit Service should also reposition itself within this framework as follows:

  • Financial consultancy, auditing, risk management services and management consultancy, coaching, etc., around a SaaS (web, cloud) based enterprise business tracking application,
  • To develop OIZ/KSS/SB standard business culture,
  • Support to OSB OSA and other joint competition p/x initiatives,
  • Other activities (company mergers, angel investing, etc.).

Expression Style to the Customer

Today, to compete in business life in the internet age and stay ahead of your competitors, it is necessary to apply the 4H Rule, that is, to establish business connections “From Anywhere, Anytime, Anyone, Anything.” This is the difference between an Entrepreneur SME and a Tradesman SME. Esnaf SME is only where it is; it aims to stay that way… it considers itself successful as long as it stays there. Entrepreneurial SMEs are either everywhere or nowhere; aim to spread all over the world quickly!

Now, the agenda of the business world: Internet Age

  • technologies
  • trends
  • with business models

to imagine and describe, to perceive, to understand, to evaluate, to make sense of, to constantly reposition itself within this framework, and to redefine and name its work.

Key Concept Used in Creating Customer Perception: “Promise of Business Development”

Conceptual Framework

  • “The Real Matter of Business is Governance”
  • 360º Sank Girişim from “Management” to “Ecosystem Governance”
  • Developing Reorganized Business Models in “Every Aspect of Life”
  • Corporate Change Transformation that Adds “Future Value”

Potential Market

  • 10,000,000 economic units, 250,000 SMEs in Turkey

Activities to Keep the Issue on the Agenda

  • “Business Agenda Governance in the Internet Age” meetings
  • “Governance Initiative in the Internet Age” conference, panel, training,
  • Social media (blog, ads)

book series

TTnet can organize a Business Ecosystem in the Internet Age with 50,000 ICT “agents” by organizing 1000 OIZ/SB/KSS and 10,000 service nodes in the market. Can provide governance user support to 500,000 active companies! İŞKUR can provide support.

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