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What is Turquality and how does it support businesses?

What is Turquality

Turquality is a branding program by the Turkish state that supports Turkish brands to get international recognition. It includes a number of support advantages like management knowledge accumulation on manufacturing, marketing, sales, corporate development, and institutionalization, Such support advantages aim for transformational effects on the company.

In this article, Efsun Amani provides a large summary of Turquality including history, conditions, regulations, and support types. which are management consultancy, IT consultancy, development roadmap, strategic business plan, manager development program, and vision seminars.

Supports also include value chain consultancy, change management, financial management, pricing and profitability management, human resources management, business development and continuity, reputation and crisis management consultancy, quality management and control, corporate identity formulation, corporate governance, brand management, market entry consultancy, risk management, process management, design management, production management/performance improvement, marketing consultancy, sales consultancy, retail consultancy, distribution channel management, store management, law consultancy, public consultancy (advocacy) and corporate social responsibility.

IT consultancy supports include IT security, digital transformation in the industry, disaster management systems, human resources management systems, workflow – process management systems, decision support systems, enterprise resource management (ERP), corporate performance management, customer relation management (CRM), internet of things, risk management systems, simulation/design, demand planning systems (DMS), supply change management, production optimization systems, artificial intelligence systems and deep intelligence, mobile sales systems, and mobile applications development,


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