What is Turquality and how does it support businesses?

Turquality is a branding program by the Turkish state that supports Turkish brands to get international recognition. It includes a number of support advantages like management knowledge accumulation on manufacturing, marketing, sales, corporate development, and institutionalization, Such support advantages aim for transformational effects on the company. In this article, Efsun Amani provides a large summary […]

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Trends in 2021 and 2022

COVID-19 pandemic is largely affecting the demand-supply equation and reshaping supply chain structure, risks, and management. Therefore, companies are trying to redesign business processes including supply chains to meet demand regularly. ERP strategy is one of these recent changes and solutions. A well-running ERP supports business process redesign and management decision-making. In this article, Efsun […]

Effects of Covid-19 Pandemic on Internal Audit Plan

Covid-19 has brought new risks to organizations, changed risk landscape and chief audit executives must refresh internal audit plan accordingly to lead internal audit actions to reach to targets. By considering new risks, chief audit executives must first evaluate health of audit staff, and then reassess internal audit plan in terms of feasibility, applicability and […]