Assessment Process Before ERP Selection and ERP Procurement Decision Process for Companies

Our customer is operating in the chemical production sector and it is among the second 500 Big Industrial Companies of Turkey in 2020. The first phase of the Selection of ERP Software and Implementation Project has been completed. Teolupus is providing ERP/best practices/risk/internal control consulting service for this largescale project.   The first phase of […]

Trainings to Precious Metals Brokerage Houses and Authorized Organizations About Compliance Liability: Prevention of Crime Income and Exchange Regulations

Teolupus Internal Audit and Risk Management Consulting have provided orientation training to precious metal brokerage houses and authorized organizations about the compliance liability of these companies. This includes basic sectoral concepts and subjects of prevention of crime income and exchange regulations. Additionally, these companies are to prepare Supply Chain Compliance Program as regulated by the […]

İSMMMO WEBİNAR- Internal Audit Techniques for Professionals

Istanbul Chamber of Certified Public Accountants (ISMMMO) has organized a webinar titled Internal Audit Techniques for Professionals on 28 April 2021. Moderator Aysel HATIPOGLU and speakers Filiz YUCESOY EREN and Teolupus Partner Alp Buluc has participated in webinar and it was broadcasted in ISMMMO TV youtube channel.

Internal Audit of an Agricultural Production and Marketing

Our customer which operates in agriculture sector produces walnuts. The company requested an internal audit service to gauge and manage risks systematically. By evaluating agricultural risks, institutionalization needs, and work processes, risks, we have provided risk-mitigating assurance recommendations.    

Internal Audit of an Information Technology Company

Our customer which provides employee work in/out control system software and hardware has requested an outsource internal audit service. We have reviewed work processes and audited especially sales, trade receivables, and fixed assets to check risks and controls and reported process improvement recommendations.    

Internal Audit of a Tourism, Water Sports and Hospitality Company

Operational, financial, and regulatory processes were reviewed and risk-mitigating recommendations were reported. Travel restrictions and health regulations during COVID-19 pandemic require compliance and tourism and hospitality sector are among that are subject to such decisions. Therefore, internal audits provided assurance referring to precautions to align with regulations and changing customer expectations.