Annual Reporting / Sustainability Reporting

Compliance to the New Turkish Commercial Code and Activity Report Preparation Service

OtomotivAccording to the new Turkish Commercial Code, all companies with share capitals have to prepare an activity report in the specified format. 

Annual Activity Report is the professional appearance of a company. We can help your company in the preparation of the activity report within compliance to the legislation.

We can help reviewing and development of internal directives and governance structure aimed at companies and group of companies.

According to article 375 of the New Turkish Commercial Code, constitution of management organization, authorizations and especially an operating governance as per paragraph “e”, listed among non-assignable and untransferable assignments and powers of the board of directors, is required. In this structure, work should be carried with internal directive and legislation.

We can help your company in the constitution of management organization and governance structure and of their reviewing as per the new Turkish Commercial Code. 

Sustainability Report Preparation Service

Sustainability reporting is the practice to measure, explain and be responsible against internal and external stakeholders regarding corporate performance, towards the target of sustainable development.

Sustainability Report clarifying your company’s economic, environmental, social and governance success information, contributes to your corporate reputation by explaining to your stakeholders your company’s affect on the society and sustainable development.

We help prepare the Sustainability Report, where social responsibility is explained, within the international norms.