Corporate Training Services

A Power to Increase Your Corporate Value and Employee Contribution to Your Success


By identifying your training needs with you, we are able to design boutique trainings specific to your organization.
Consulting services are provided by our experienced trainers and consultants especially in strategic / financial management and corporate governance fields for private sector, public administrations, institutions and organizations and NGOs.


When Making Your Corporate Training Plans;

  • Training needs analysis for your employees and organization,
  • Diversification through outsourcing in training,
  • Follow the changes in legislation and regulations,
  • Competencies of trainers,
  • Preparing your orientation trainings for corporate needs and change.

After training;

  • Reporting Trainer / training satisfaction surveys to senior management,
  • Impact analysis after training,
  • Conformity of trainings to your corporate strategy.

Do you conduct internal / external inquiry about the value of trainings to institutional efficiency, effective work, income increase and cost reduction


Our difference; we provide workshops, case studies, in-house and general open training courses in the fields of legislation, governance and personal development for your institution / organization. We add value and benefit to your institution with the techniques we use in training.


  • Strategic Management, Strategic Plan and Budgeting,
  • International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS),
  • Financial Foundations for Managers,
  • Financial Statement Analysis, Audit and Management Reporting,
  • Enterprise Risk Management,
  • Principles of Internal Control (COSO Internal Control Framework) and Precautions against Fraud / Abuse,

Fundamentals of Internal Audit,

  • Process Management and Optimization,
  • Business Law and Strategic Human Resources Management,
  • Establishment of Performance Management System and Development of Existing System,
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (Basics-Corporate Needs Analysis within the Framework of Existing Options),
  • Management Reporting, Decision Support System and Business Intelligence.


  • Employee Development Kit: Emotional Intelligence, Personality, Attitude, Perception, Power, Authority, Ethics, Group Dynamics, Impact, Corporate Culture, Organizational Change, Leadership, Motivation, Trust, Psychological Contract, Power of Attorney Theory,
  • Leadership and Effective Management,
  • Teamwork and Case Studies,
  • Crisis management,
  • Communication and Negotiation Skills,
  • Effective Presentation Techniques,
  • Time and Meeting Management,
  • Anger Control and Coping with Stress,
  • Training of Trainers,
  • Corporate Social Media Management,


  • Public Financial Management and Control Regulation
    Basic principles and standards, roles and responsibilities, pre-expenditure control (preliminary financial control), pre-payment control (expenditure documents legislation), movable-immovable, prepay (advance and credit applications), internal control, internal control standards, risk management, external audit (Audit and judgment principles of the Court of Accounts), public damage legislation.
  • Public Procurement and Tender Legislation
    State Procurement Law No. 2886, Public Procurement Law No. 4734 / Public Procurement Contracts Law No. 4735, problems encountered in practice and in audits, principles of direct procurement.
  • Legislation of Municipal Administrations
    Basic municipality / metropolitan municipality / special administrations / local administrative unions legislation, affiliated administrations legislation, local government revenues, norm staff principles in local governments, get promotion / principles of change of title, budget based enterprises in local governments.
  • Budget and Performance Program
    Basics of preparing classical budget,performance, financial situation expectations report, the principles of the activity report, preparation and presentation to public.
  • Movable Legislation and Practice Training
    Movable transactions, movable registry officer, movable control officer, movable consolidated officer, the risk to consider regarding movable records and system, procedures to be followed in counting operations, recommendations for counting, warehouse-virtual warehouse operations, principles regarding the audit and control of movable operations within the administration.
  • Audit in Municipal Administrations
    Audit paths in municipal councils, parliementary supervisory commission, committee of inspection, principles of public internal audit, recognition of the differences between investigation and audit, external audit.
  • Public Staff Regulation
    Basic principles, types of employment, classification and principles of promotion, financial provisions, principles of discipline, principles of performance-based career systems.
  • Accrual Based Public Accounting Practices
    Uniform Chart of Accounts, Fixed Assets Accounting, Budget Income and Expense Accrual Operations, Beginning and End of Period Transactions, Special Accounting Transactions, Budgetary Escrows, Provisions, Amortization, Preparation of Financial Statements and Financial Statements Amortization Procedures, Preparation of Financial Statements and Financial Statements to be included in the Activity Reports.
  • Regulation and Practices of Budget Based/Non-Budgetary Enterprises in Municipal Administrations
    Establishment of commercial enterprises, bodies of commercial enterprises, management of equity companies, budget-based enterprises in local administrations, non-budgetary enterprises in local administrations, transfer of resources to the enterprise through capital increase and ensuring the efficiency of companies.
  • Law of Commercial Enterprise
    Establishment of commercial enterprises, bodies of commercial enterprises, management of capital companies, non-budgetary enterprises, resource transfer through capital increase and efficiency creation in municipal administrations.
  • Points to take into consideration in the Guardianship of Administration and Institutions audit
    Clarification of the concepts of Audit – Inspection – Examination – Investigation, Law No. 4483 on the Trial of Officers and Other Public Officials – Response Methods, Legal Options.
  • Environmental Legislation
    Water and waste water legislation, solid waste disposal, recycling.
  • Principles to be followed in Official Correspondence, Archive System and Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)
    Fundamentals of formal correspondence, electronic document management system (EDMS), archive principles.

In addition to all these as Teolupus Internal Audit and Risk Management Consultancy;
We are here for corporate governance, risk management, internal control and determination, establishment, analysis of current status of internal audit systems and especially under this subject putting into use of reporting and monitoring structure, strategic management consulting and similar topics.