Dealer (Franchise) Audit Services

  • Do you audit your dealers (Franchise)?
  • Analysis of the franchise contract in terms of legal risks
  • Analysis of the franchise contract in terms of commercial risks
  • Compliance control of the franchise contract
  • Analysis and periodical report of the financial status of your dealers
  • Are your dealers (franchisees) following the conditions of the dealer (franchise) contract?


Let us audit your dealers your successful and quality proven brand to be prevented from getting harmed by their activities.

Analysis of the Dealer (Franchisee) Contract in terms of Legal Risks

By reviewing the dealer agreement before signing for you and informing you about the potential risks, you will have the opportunity to review the subjects that will be revised and change them if necessary.

Thus, you will be able to take measures against negative situations.

Analysis of the Dealer (Franchise) Contract in terms of Commercial Risks

Designing the articles in the dealer (franchise) contract in accordance with company strategies like commercial profitability sales promotion and market expansion and revising the compatibility with the agreement articles and commercial objectives will provide added value to your business.

Compliance Audit of the Dealer (Franchise) Contract

By auditing your dealers to see whether they are acting according to the conditions of the agreement with regular intervals and monitoring the risk of them acting outside of the agreement and having prior knowledge will allow you to better manage the risk of your dealers.

Analysis and Periodical Reporting the Financial Status of your Dealer (Franchisee)

With the regular financial review and reporting, you will be able to have control over the financial condition of your dealers and you will have the opportunity to see possible damages before they occur.

Even though submitted letter of guarantee, it is a reality that dealers that operate in various sectors may have financial burden.

Mystery Client Service

Mystery Client Service is our service of auditing and reporting whether dealer sales people and managers’ communication and behavior towards your customers are appropriate for the corporate behavior that you expect within the fictionary cases that will be designed with you.

Customer communication and customer satisfaction is a factor that directly affect the sales. The dealer employee that the customer communication directly represents your company.

This communication to be right and appropriate is one of the most important factors what will determine customer’s purchasing behavior will show whether continuous demand for your products.

The positive/negative scenarios we determine with you and what we encounter during audits will be reported to your side and you will get independent information about establishing communication with customers right in your dealers.

Store Audit Services

Teolupus can audit activities of your retail stores and explore gaps.

Our experts and internal auditors can decide about audit scope of your retail stores by collaborating ontinuous store audits are important to protect your service quality, strengthen reputation and increase commercial success. Stores are faces of your brand.

Audit scope may include your competitors’ products and sales points. Some audit examples are as following:

  • Product presentation:
    • Packaging, labelling, quick access, entrance of store-storage, cleaning-order, replacement speed of products, campaign management,,
    • Inventory level on shelf, consistency of inventory-floor, inventory follow up, average life in floor, latest sales dates
    • Lighting, visual materials, discounts, employees’ knowledge, working hours, alarms, appearance of store and employees, reporting and usage of software, customer relations, legal documents, filing, risks and internal controls
  • Positioning of product
    • Place in shelf
    • Place in store
    • Appearence of promotional materials and point of sales materials

Please contact us for Tealopus to serve you in store audit services.