Enterprise Resource Planning ERP Consulting

Corporate Resource Planning (ERP) System Transition Consultancy

ERPTechnological, corporational and managerial targets such as optimization of business processes of companies in different fields of business, productivity, simplicity, integration and efficiency of business functions are among constitution purposes of Corporate Resource Planning (ERP) systems.

Companies can also assess the possibility to re-designing their business processes with ERP system comprising areas such as document management, workflow automation, data management, accounting, finance, reporting etc.

In a way, ERP project is not only an information technologies project but it is also a multi-dimensional and multi-stakeholder, long-term management transformation project involving risk assessment and cost-benefit analysis.

It is critical to provide a good preliminary preparation, review of business processes, improving and developing interdepartmental data flow to receive maximum output from the ERP system.

Our company is aiming for your corporation’s smooth transition to ERP system and obtaining maximum output from the investments you made, by means of management consultancy service we render prior to transition to ERP system and during the process.