Human Resources Services

Our Most Important Asset for Organizational Success: Human Resources

  • Are your turnover and profitability declining?
  • Are you having difficulty in competing with your competitors?
  • Don’t your customers prefer your products as much as they used to?
  • Are your employees not happy neither?
  • Is the family the problem? Is it decisions of us as the board of directors? Are our managers the problem? Our employees? The systems we set up?


If you are asking: “Isn’t it time we had a check up? “,

Let us review as TeoLupus, your human resources system and applications, recommend the necessary change and transformation actions and apply them together.

Human Resources Activities, Beginning

  • Formation of the Organizational Structure
  • Preparation of the Norm Cadré
  • Work analyses
  • Making the job descriptions
  • Formation of Competency Analyses and Competency Model and Structure
  • Human Resources Process Designs


Human Resources Activities Salary & Wage Administration Fundamentals

  • Application of Work Evaluation System
  • Grading of Works
  • Establishing Duty – Salary / Wage Structure – Scaling
  • Formation of Premium and Reward Systems

Human Resources Activities Organizational Development

  • Formation of Performance System
  • Setting up Performance System – Rewards relationship
  • Establishment of Authorization Tables
  • Making Individual Development Analyses
  • Formation of Departmental Development Analyses
  • Setting up Evaluation and Selection Systems of Education Companies
  • Making the Annual Education Budget and Plans
  • Making the Education Organizations and Reporting
  • Providing Employee Counseling and Career Development Support
  • Board of Directors Independent (External) Membership

HR Activities Small & Medium Sized Enterprises and Family Owned Companies

  • Consultancy for Founding the Family Constitution
  • Preparation of the Description of the Duties and Authorities of the Chair and Members of the Board of Directors
  • Providing Coaching and Mentoring Support for Cultivating Future Generations
  • Performing and Reporting Corporate Culture Analyses
  • Establishing Recommendation Development Systems
  • Leadership and Management Training
  • Leadership Development Workshops