Internal Audit And Internal Control

Internal Audit Service

EnerjiToday competition is at the global scale. Competitors can have easier access to vast markets, employ foreign personnel compatible for the job and foreign economic crisis show their effects faster. This requires the companies to take measures by being aware of their weaknesses, strengthening their structures, try to provide loyalty to the company when training their employees, develop risk management and internal audit capacities. A more flexible and fast decision making structure helps to competitive advantage. Within this frame, internal audit is a powerful and persistant tool enabling companies to better understand and manage the situations they are in.

Articles 366/2. and 375/1c of New Turkish Commercial Code assign important responsibilities to the Board of Directors on this subject. (Overall cost saving can be provided, if it is considered that independant audit risk of the companies with internal audit system will be less and the time spent for independant audit will be less.) 

Our company assumes the organization to establish a risk based internal audit unit in your corporation, recruitment and training. We can render a periodical internal audit service externally and provide internal audit service in the form of co-sourcing, as well as establishing and reviewing the information technology risk management infrastructure and implement Quality Assurance and Development Program for your company’s Internal Audit Department. 

Establishing, Reviewing and Developing the Efficiency of the Internal Control System

Internal control is one of the primary functions of the management. Internal control, defined according to the COSO (Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission), involves constitution of control frame to determine and eliminate difficulties and risks preventing the fulfillment of business targets such as profitability, accessing new markets and productivity increase. 

We are offering possibilities which provide added value such as development, renewal and replacement of internal controls by examining existing business processes, risks and internal control structure through the eye of an outsider looking in and as a result of measuring your company’s corporate management and risk management structure with internal controls.