Remote Audit Gets Important with Covid-19

Internal audit has been searching for finding ways to audit remotely last years. As per company surveys, some companies have already passed testing phase for this initiative.   After COVID-19 outbreak has spread worldwide, remote audit needs have been added to regulatory and emergency issues. Efforts have focused on finding optional ways in addition to […]

IIA Releases New Practice Guide Titled Developing a Risk-based Internal Audit Plan

This practice guide will help the Chief Audit Executive (CAE) and internal auditors create and maintain a risk-based internal audit plan. The guide describes a systematic approach to: Understand the organization, Identify, assess, and prioritize risks, Coordinate with other providers, Estimate resources, Propose the plan and solicit feedback, Finalize and communicate the plan, Assess risks […]

The Effect of the Effıcıency of the Internal Control System on the Operatıon Audıt Process

By: Efsun Fatemeh AMANİ MOGHANJOUGHİ Dr. Cem Niyazi DURMUŞ ABSTRACT Internal audit is one of the most important functions of an enterprise to have a healthy longer life, operating under today’s competetive and economic conditions. This function which covers actions auditing financial matters and nonfinancial processes is defined as a system that aims to measure […]